Too many of us are needlessly dealing with issues of mental, emotional and physical health. The truth is, very few really have to live with any such conditions and this program explains why. The content of the program will take you on a journey of discovery, one that will have you understand the emerging science of Epigenetics and how this science should have us begin to look at our existence. Epigenetics is the science that has unlocked the door in helping us understand that all of the issues related to depression, anxiety, mood dysregulation; ADHD, low self-esteem, loneliness, isolation, anger, addiction, abuse, relationship struggles, fear of intimacy, unending cycles of poverty, negative attitudes, obesity, diseases, metabolic and other health conditions are simply manifestations of what has come to be stored at the cellular level; especially what one has come to believe about them self.

What we didn't know, until about ten years ago is that we act as our own genetic engineers. In other words, our choices are being encoded in every cell of our body, including the choice of our mindset; and those choices are affecting how DNA expresses itself. How DNA expresses itself is manifest in how we are living life. So, those that are not living the lives they want, have the power to change the circumstances of their lives when they learn how to reengineer or reprogram their cells' learning and memory. We are powerful beings that have the ability and capacity to change cellular learning, resulting in living our lives the way we really want to.

WHERE: 200 West 200 South, Saint George (Right next to Grandma's Herbs)

WHEN: Tuesday, August 30, 2022 

TIME: 6-7:30p

PAYMENT: Free Workshop - All Are Welcome - Spread the Word



"This is the piece that has been missing" ...Abby C.

"This time when I relapsed I didn't turn it into shame. I turned it into a learning moment. That has never happened before" ...Chris H.

"Larry has a gift for reaching down into the core of what you need most and helping you rise to your full potential. The program assists you in removing lies that you've been telling yourself for years and in replacement, helps you discover the truths that you already know are true and yet selfishly rejected because you didn't feel you were good enough or worthy of having your true life" ...Raine C.

"Everyday I wake up feeling joy because I know who I am" ...Dave B.

"I used to go to the gym because I hated myself. I now go to the gym because I love myself" Bobbi C.

"When I met Larry the first time I was broken. I was broken spiritually, emotionally and mentally. I was at a very low point in my life. I was ready to end my seven year marriage, I was giving up, I had very little hope. The first session of the program was truly a blessing. EVERYTHING Larry said made complete sense to me. I knew I was in the right place at the right time in my life. I knew that if there was hope for happiness that hope would increase by understanding my design and truth about myself" ...Shay D

"Everyone needs to hear this!" ...Val B

"After having my life completely fall apart as a result of severe depression and anxiety, I have learned that most of the coping mechanisms people prescribe are Band-Aids to cover up the problem without really getting to the core of the issue. Depression and anxiety usually stem from some sort of childhood trauma, lack of self confidence, or intense fear or failure. Once you get the "fruits" of the issue under control enough to start working on the "roots," you will really start to experience healing. The program has you work on the real cause of unwanted issues, which is the faulty learning and memory stored in our cells. It empowers you to get to the roots," ...Heidi P

"It is such a blessing staying intentional. I feel so free without my desire to control people. I'm accepting the fact it just doesn't work. I have seen incredible differences in my relationships." ...Sherlynn D

MY EXPERIENCE: I have nearly nine years of experience in watching others change the way they were living as they came to see their identity correctly. I have witnessed the reversal of many health issues, clients coming off of medications, pounds shed, improved economic success, college degrees finally completed, marriages improved, families drawing closer, people that thought they would always be alone finding their eternal companion, lives of sin changed, addictions defeated, miraculous opportunities materialize, life-long depression and anxiety replaced by peace of mind, hope and joy, improved attitudes, humble acceptance of personal challenges, becoming thankful for them rather than bitter, and deepening faith in God and His plan for each of us. Some of those changes are reflected in the quotes above..... what will you say one day?

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